Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tortilla Flat

Superstition Mountains, AZ
Tortilla Flat, Arizona

No, it's not Tortilla Flats, but Flat - me, I got it wrong about the first five times I tried to say it.  While the town isn't much except for the ice cream, it's a tourist trap, the drive out there makes it all worthwhile.

Head west out of Mesa into the Superstition Mountains (a great name for a mountain range if I've ever heard one), and you're in for a visual treat.  Fortunately for my enjoyment of the drive, I wasn't in the driver's seat for once, and could look about, back and to the side to my heart's content.  It was a perfect day for the drive - sunny, upper sixties.  Arizona weather has treated me well.  The company was pleasant and the views stupendous.

I have been thoroughly spoiled by my friends and relatives on this trip.  It's been long since I neither had to prepare the food for dinner, nor help with cleanup afterwards.  What a treat it's been!  Sleep in a bit, get up in time for a good walk, water aerobics or tai chi.  Come back, shower, enjoy a leisurely lunch.  Spend the afternoon taking in the local sights.  Sit down for an early evening cocktail while dinner prepares itself in the kitchen.  Enjoy a leisurely dinner, linger at the table while the dishes do themselves, and spend the evening in conversation, catching up on each others lives.  Sleep, knowing I am welcome and loved.

I am SO glad I took advantage of the break in appointments and skipped town!

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