Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Guest Post

Overland Park, Kansas
This is Kate writing on behalf of Mom (all but one of you probably know her better as Janice).

The surgery went through as planned.  No complications.  Whew.

They removed a couple of lymph nodes and they were cancer free!  (That's exactly how we like our lymph nodes to be.) 

She will spend tonight and much of the day tomorrow at the hospital and we will bring her home tomorrow afternoon or evening. 


  1. God & angels at work! Prayers will continue.
    I'm so glad your family is with you.

  2. Oh hooray for that news! I am so grateful for the update. Thanks Kate! That baby looks like the perfect prescription for recovery. I'll be in touch tomorrow (Friday) to arrange the perfect time to bring you over some food. Take good care of everyone ~ including yourself!