Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lake Erie

Lake Erie
Marblehead, OH

Lake Erie is just as beautiful as Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron - from a distance.

Poor Lake Erie - after years of extensive cleanup after the fish population was decimated in the '70's, its fish are again having problems - this time caused by agriculture.  Nitrogen-rich runoff has caused an algae bloom, and the lake's oxygen levels are again low. 

You can see it in the water along the lakeshore.  Instead of the clear blue of the other three lakes, it is a murky brown.  We have learned some since the '70's, and they are working now, this time BEFORE the fish all die, to get the problem under control.

It made me sad to see this beautiful corner of the world so abused.  We are learning, but are we learning fast enough?

Last night's campground, along the shore of the lake, was an RV ghost town.  I pulled in; the office was closed.  I was about to leave when a very nice lady came around the corner, told me I was welcome to stay, and led me to a great campsite near a number of other RVs.

A quick walk around the camp showed that everyone but me and two other guys were off at work for the week.  The rigs were all well-maintained - but deserted.  A little spooky, but it did make for a nice, quiet night's sleep...

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