Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Me, the Woods and the Waves

Chimney Bluffs State Park
Lake Ontario, New York

I have now seen and touched all five of the Great Lakes, and am richer for it.  They are beautiful; they are amazing; they are Holy.

Today's hike took me across the bluffs of the Chimney Bluffs State Park, near Rochester in New York.

Though not as all-out beautiful as the Painted Rocks National Park in Michigan, I enjoyed my walk along the bluffs here more than I did the
carefully maintained pathways there. 

Part of it was the weather.  Today was gorgeous, perfect for a morning's hike; my day in Michigan was borderline cold, with a major wind blowing.

A greater part of it was the path.  There were signs warning hikers not to venture too close to the edges of the bluffs - but no walls.  The path was well-defined, but I had to watch my step.  There were roots and rocks and ankle-turners a-plenty along the way.  It was just wide enough for one person to walk on, and I pity anyone foolish enough to take it in shorts - I saw plenty of poison ivy along the way.  Walking along it, I felt closer to nature; closer to the land.  And certainly closer to the edge.  The path, just over a foot wide, came right to the edge of the bluffs at some points.  (I wouldn't want to be walking on it in the rain, I'll put it that way.)

Since it was fairly early on a Sunday, I had the path to myself most of the way.  Just me, the woods around me, and the sound of the waves, below.  (No mosquitoes here - a few cold nights have taken care most of the bugs, which makes a walk in the woods shortly after a rain much more pleasant.)  I do so like spending part of Sunday in church - as long as one has a broad definition of church...
Lake Erie
Erie, PA

Here's the picture of the happier part of Lake Erie I wanted to post yesterday. 

I love camping this time of year.  The weather's still nice, the bugs are mostly killed off, and there are lots of open sites, so even when I roll in, as I do, without reservations, I get to stay right next to the water. 

Life is good.


  1. What an adventure of a lifetime! Am soooo happy for you! Sure am enjoying the pics and updates! Safe and happy journeys!