Friday, March 29, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

This past Sunday it was snowing to beat the band.
Today, the high was in the upper sixties.
Yet, ol' man winter isn't quite ready to give up just yet - Monday's high is supposed to be back in the thirties, with a chance of snow.

Ah, the vagaries of spring!

I was among the small minority who actually liked Sunday's snow.  It was messy out, so I changed all my plans and stayed home.  Did laundry, exercised, read a book, slept in - there are far worse ways to spend a day.  And, it was pretty!

Today, I spent the day working on my new house.  Dull stuff - I liked it better back in the days when I didn't know how to prep walls, so just painted 'em.  They didn't look near as good when I was done, but I didn't have to spend several days spackling and sanding and priming before I started.

In between, I had my one-year checkup with my oncologist.  All is looking good.  My blood numbers are good; from all appearances, the beast is still tied up by the side of the road in northern Egypt.

I didn't know how worried about it I was until after the visit.  Part of me was just SURE that it was going to come back and I was going to be stuck with this house with no way to finish the project and I'd have to move in and the walls would still be all yucky and mustard yellow and in desperate need of paint.  I guess the Universe had other things on its mind than making my life miserable - and I appreciate it!

This painting is taking longer to finish than I'd anticipated, and there's a part of my mind that is convinced that it'll be mid-May and I'll still be working on the walls.  (No, it's not the logical part that looked at a calendar, it's the worry-wart part that's convinced that if the sky is not falling today, it's sure to start coming down tomorrow.)  Still, I'll be glad to have it done.  I'll be there again all day tomorrow and part of Sunday.  Maybe I'll be able to make enough progress to still my worry-wart mind.

Happy Easter!

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