Saturday, May 12, 2012



I've been fascinated by the concept this week.  Like love, it's a many-splendored thing.

Since my sojourn in the camper van, I've taken it less for granted.  Its availability is not a given on the road.  Some of my favorite nights were in the campgrounds where it wasn't available.  When night fell - it fell.  In the darkness one night, I looked out across a valley, and was able to distinguish a single light more than a mile away.  The stars were incredibly numerous and beautiful, like I remember from growing up.  I definitely appreciated my flashlight (mobile electricity!) when it was time to hike to the bathroom.

Electricity can be incredibly powerful, making the leap from high in the clouds to the ground in bold and jagged light that can be fear- or awe- inducing, but can't be ignored.

Electricity can be the spark you feel when you kiss someone special - especially that first time.  I swear you can feel the current leap between your bodies; telling you that THIS is someone to pay close attention to.

It can be measured in micro-volts, used in the pacemakers that help the hearts of so many maintain a steady rhythm.  It can be measured in mega-volts - as I picture those running the speakers projecting the music that is in the background as I type - music being produced a half-mile away.

If you stand beneath high-voltage power lines (or too close to lightening!), you can feel the small hairs on your body stand at attention; alerting you that danger is near.

As my body heals, I get random mini-threads of it running through the skin that used to cover my breasts.  I think it's a good sign; that of my nervous system trying to get back in touch with the numb band that currently runs across the front of my chest.  "Marco", it calls repeatedly; "Marco".  "Polo" comes the occasional response, sending a mini lightening bolt through my system.  (It can be a little disconcerting when it happens as I'm concentrating on a conversation at work.  I try to keep my focus, but it inevitably wanders for just a bit as I marvel at my body's ability to try to heal itself.)


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