Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Next Steps...

Naked Ladies, Spring 2011
I'm better enough now that my mind has moved on.  To things important, like reading up on the history of the Cristo Rey schools, where I'll be starting work next Wednesday.  To things trivial, like the fact I'd best get myself outside with my camera - I'm having to reach further back into the dustbin for photos.

I am rapidly feeling better.  There are a few lingering issues from the surgery and the drain tubes, but they should be pretty much gone by the time I report to work next week.   I do plan to take it a bit easy - the recommended time off after surgery like mine is six weeks, not four, so I hope to be able to work half-days the first week and a bit I'm there.  Not only will I regain my energy more quickly that way, it might limit the culture shock just a bit.

I know I'll have a lot to learn.  Just because I spent 27 years in business doesn't mean I'm an expert on the best way to integrate telecom into an educational setting.  But I think I'll learn quickly.  When I'm not putting me into a tizzy worrying about going back to work, I rather like the idea.  I know this job will bring me a whole new set of challenges - and it'll be a long time before I get to the point where I might even consider being bored with them.

I've been a bit down these past few days.  For several weeks, the focus was on getting to and through the surgery and finding out what was to follow.  Now, I know what is to follow, and it's all pretty long-term stuff.  Years of hormone treatment.  Months to rebuild my profile.  Three more weeks before I'm allowed to do any vigorous exercise.  The scary part is over - at least for now, I hope forever.  And while I can't say I miss the adrenaline rush, it does bring its own sense of purpose and urgency - and does take its toll on a body.  I'm guessing, given the givens of the past few months, my reserve supply is a bit low and that's part of the reason I'm down. 

And, I've come to realize, I need a whole new set of goals.  Now that I can't have what I want, and am beginning to come to terms with my change of direction (OK, I'm still pouting just a bit...), I need to figure out another set of goals.  As I've always told my children, "it's important to have goals.  That way you know what you're deviating from."  (Proper grammar has not always been on the top of the goal list...)

New goals.  That's going to take a bit of thinking.  At least I'm off the pain meds now.   The goals will probably be a bit more boring this way - but also a bit more realistic...

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