Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Good and the Bad News Is...

St. George's Island Florida
The good and the bad news is that there is nothing wrong with the brakes on the camper van.

The mechanic checked them and all the related systems - and pronounced them all good to go.  His theory on the long stopping distance is that because the van has ABS only on the back brakes, it was working properly and keeping me from skidding to the side - but also increasing my normal stopping distance.

I figure there's a lesson or two here.  I've been careful about my following distances, from here on out I will be even more so.  And, if I'm going to drive the van, I need to head south.  (Go south, young woman!)  Which was the original plan anyways. 

I've enjoyed being back in Kansas City.  I know where the stores are, and where things are within the stores.  (It gets tiring to always have to search the store to find the cereal aisle.)  I've almost completed my Christmas shopping already -  my favorite places to find gifts have not disappointed me.  I've been meeting friends, catching up with their lives while enjoying the food at my favorite restaurants.  I'm looking forward to going up to Minnesota for Christmas, and to my son's college graduation this coming weekend.

All the same...  I'm not ready to stop traveling yet.  There's something wistful about the stripped down camper van; the bedding and anything that might remotely freeze are safely tucked indoors until I get back on the road.  I miss the stream of new and beautiful places.  Fortunately, I don't have to face anything I don't want to just yet.  My journey is paused briefly, not stopped.  Soon...

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