Saturday, November 19, 2011


Atlantic Ocean
St. Augustine, Florida

If you had asked me before I packed up and left home if I had any particular attachment to my shoes, I'd have said no.

After all, growing up, I generally had two pair of shoes - one for everyday, and one for good.

True, I had some 20-30 pairs, but that was for all seasons, and I do like to make a nominal effort to match the style of my feet to what I'm wearing, after all.

After 12 weeks in the camper van, the truth comes out.  I miss my shoes.

There is room for exactly four pair of shoes in the closet here, and I need all I have with me.  In those slots, I have:
  • a pair of sandals, (OK, I cheat and shove a pair of flip-flops for the shower in with the sandals),  the sandals are perfect for walking on the sand
  • a pair of running shoes, for everyday walking around in town and riding my bike
  • a pair of black dress shoes, gotta be able to look semi-professional
  • a pair of workout shoes; the twists and turns of my karate workout will tear the bottoms off of anything but wrestling shoes in less than a month
  • and two weights of hiking shoes.  A heavier pair with really good grips that's water resistant but not waterproof, and a pair of lightweight waterproof ones; I bought those after the second of my treks in the rain.
I know; that's six, not four - I cheat.  The pair of shoes I'm wearing on any given day don't have a slot waiting for them, and the workout shoes live in one of my two drawers.  Picky, picky...

This collection has been more than adequate to keep me properly shod as I traipse around the country.  Or so my practical nature tells my shoe-loving inner two year-old.

The two year-old is not convinced.  But what about the red clogs that are so fun to wear when the weather is gray?  The blue strap sandals?  The comfy bedroom slippers? 

As with most small children, she is not impressed when I tell her the shoes are waiting at home; a treat for when I move back out of the camper van.  She wants them NOW...

Some days, I can be hard to live with.  Just ask me.

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