Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fog, Ugh!

Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Winter has won.

The forecast is for snow and freezing temperatures, and it has swept me off the Parkway a day or two early.  I am now headed for regions south.

Yesterday's drive didn't start too badly.  It was cool and rainy but as I've found in the past, the gray skies intensified the colors of fall, and I enjoyed the first part of the drive immensely.

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
But then the fog rolled in - at first, it was beautiful.  As I drove along, visibility was still around 1/4 mile, and the trees and curves would loom out of the mist like the spooks in a good Halloween movie.

But then, as the fog lowered, the drive became an exercise in concentration.  I thought about bailing from the Parkway, but the surrounding roads are just as winding, and have a lot more traffic and stops on them, so I stayed put to reach my original goal of Asheville, NC, before nightfall.  (There was snow forecast for the higher elevations - and I don't think I want to try the camper van on ice!)  It was an intense couple of hours; not fun at all.  I was not feeling kindly toward those who forgot to turn on their headlights.  They'd pop out of nowhere in the murk, and startle the heck out of me!   The fog was thick enough to completely obscure the views - which made the occasional spots where the fog lifted seem extra beautiful; the lower part of the parkway was showing some wonderful color, where it could be seen.

It took an extra hour or so, but I made it safely through the mist.  My shower felt wonderful.  I fell into bed exhausted, but still a little jittery from the drive.  I'd stay here another day, to enjoy the town as I'd originally planned, but the forecast is for freezing temperatures here tonight; I need to get to a lower elevation to avoid them.  (The camper van doesn't do freezing temps well...)

Not looking forward to driving today. I had my fill of behind-the-wheel time yesterday, but I'm sure I'll be fine.  I only need to drive for an hour or two to get ahead of the cold.  On the road I go! 

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