Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Early Spring

I'm a tree-watcher, especially this time of year. 'Long about now, if you look carefully at the winter gray-brown of the trees, you'll see a light green haze surrounding their branches - buds starting to open, flowers greeting the lengthening days.  It's one of my favorite times of the year. Winter isn't quite gone, but it has lost its grip and the cycle of renewal begins.

This year, spring is about two weeks early. The robins have been back for weeks, the temps haven't dipped below freezing in ages, some of the tulip trees and dogwoods are already showing their color. I know it's not supposed to be warm around here just yet and that the early warmth doesn't bode well for a comfortable summer. But knowing I'll likely be melting in the shade in a couple of months doesn't stop me from enjoying the warmth that's here today.  Why borrow trouble?

Already, I've been able to go out for my walk around the park without a coat on - or even long sleeves! The skin on my arms welcomed the touch of the warm breeze. Yesterday's much-needed rain washed color into the grass and brought the bushes back to life.

The sun is still up when I finish work; the sky lightens just as my day begins (at least until daylight savings time kicks in this weekend and we have to go back without passing Go, without collecting $200, to getting up in the dark.  **sigh**  But, the time change also means we get an extra hour of light in the evenings - light after dinner to work or just enjoy being outside, so I really ought to quit whining.)

It's time to put the candles and hot tea away. Time to take the heavy quilts off the beds, wash them and tuck them away for the summer. Time to clean fall's debris from the flower beds. Time to wash the windows. (Especially to wash the windows. With all that happened last year, I never got around to it then, and the construction dust didn't clean itself off when I wasn't looking. Some of them are barely see-through at the moment!) Time to take time to ignore the long list of spring chores and go sit on the porch swing and rock for a bit, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the smell of the wakening earth.

Yeah. Time for porch sitting. The rest of it can wait for a bit while I remind myself to




ah, Spring!

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