Monday, February 1, 2016

Working from Home

Now that we're all used to our new jobs, and the realities of the new budget year have set in, my two teammates have been grounded in their respective home cities.  I went into the office for a while after they'd left, but it was quiet.  too quiet.  No one to talk to but me - and I can talk to myself just fine without having to commute for 30 to 45 minutes each way.

So, I asked around some to see what the telecommute policy was.  Turns out, it's pretty liberal - show up once a week-ish, and they're happy.  They're far more concerned about you getting your work done and being available for assorted conference calls than they are about where your keister is parked during the work day.


Things I like about working from home (in no particular order):

  • looking out the window at the muck and grime, and knowing I don't have to drive in it.
  • every day is jeans day!
  • getting to drink my coffee from a mug instead of a to-go cup
  • working a long day, turning off the computer, and being able to just turn around and announce, 'I'm home!'
  • being able to schedule various and assorted home care appointments without having to worry about them running late or me getting stuck in traffic trying to get home to meet them there
  • getting an extra fifteen minutes to sleep in every morning
  • getting a kick start on my work day.  I tend to have a good productive period in the morning that starts around 7 and goes until 10.  My mind is clear, and it's a good time to finish working through the problems my subconscious was mulling during the night. If I drive in, I lose a good half of that time to commuting and settling in.
  • being able to brew me some tea to help me stay awake during long conference calls - I just turn up the volume, and I can hear the conversation just fine from the kitchen; I don't have to miss a beat.
  • having a window seat - I can't see a window from my cube in the land of beige...
  • lunchtime clear-my-head walks around the park
and then, when I do go in, I don't mind it so much.  It's a nice change of pace.

Yup.  No complaints about working from home from me...

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