Thursday, January 7, 2016

Patches of Ice

As is typical in Kansas City, last week's snow is largely melted, leaving behind only patches, especially on the north side of the trees.

With the short days, I find it ever-so-helpful to get out for a walk at lunchtime - especially if I'm working from home as I have been this past week. (I decided not to go into the office to share my cold. Giving season is over!)

As I turned the corner from my block to the park, I came upon a large patch of ice on the sidewalk. Being a grownup and sensible and all, I skirted the patch by walking on the grass.  I did the same with the next two stretches of ice.

But the next stretch was wide and long and suddenly I was tired of being sensible and going around the patches of ice. So I stayed right on my track, walking carefully; the surface was made slick by right-around-freezing temp combined with the warmth of the sun.  I'd almost made it to the end when I got careless and, Whump!  Down I went. Except for my pride, I was unharmed, and popped back up to continue my walk.

Far from discouraging me, my fall only made me more determined to walk on the ice. The next patch, I was going to make it! But it was uphill, and all my best efforts were for naught. The thin sheen of water on the surface and the not-designed-for-ice-traction tread on my shoes combined to defeat me, and I slid back to the beginning of the patch twice before giving up in defeat and walking around on the grass.

The next patch had promise.  (See how the world was giving me lots of chances here?!) I stepped gingerly onto the ice and started walking. See, there it is again, my left foot slipping out to the side. Perhaps I'm not stepping evenly.  Hmmm...  Sure enough, if I make sure to step my weight evenly onto my foot, I don't slide!  I made it safely to the end!  Score, one!

The next patch had a bit of a downhill slope. More confident, I stepped onto the ice, and even managed to glide for a bit. Now, I was having fun! I finished my circuit of the park half-skating, half-walking, half-slipping as I conquered the challenge!

See, I don't always have to be grownup just yet!

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