Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shower Blues

You know, sometimes, I don't do things right the first time.

I'd actually done a pretty darn good job on the shower floor.  Except for one teensy tiny detail.  When I poured a bucket of water in the basin to test the drainage. there were a couple of little pools of water; low spots in the floor.

Not a big fan of mold and slime, I knew I'd have to take it back out.  I HATE taking stuff back out. So, I pouted for a bit, then, a couple of days later I tried the bucket-o'-water test again.  Can you believe it didn't magically fix itself?

I managed to procrastinate for another couple of weeks, but then managed to convince myself I'd be a lot happier trying to fix it before the shower door was installed.

So, yesterday morning I bit the bullet, got out the tile-digger-out tools and set to work.  I dug out grout, managed to slip a pry bar under the edge of the leading tile, and poof!  An hour later, I was done; the tiles reset and ready for action.  (If I did it wrong again, I won't be admitting it in this space, I can tell you that...)

All that procrastination, wasted on a 60 minute task.  I hate it when I do that.

Kate update:  we are waiting, still, for some test results that will let us know if she needs to do chemo.  The timing of all other treatment depends on these results, and so we wait.   again.  There are times the wheels of medicine grind aggravatingly slowly.  **sigh**

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