Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rule Number One

The school I'm working for is just beginning its deployment of iPads for all students and staff.  I started the job two weeks ago; the iPads came in during my first week there.  When I asked what plans had been made for their deployment, I was told that nothing had been finalized.  So, I said the iPads would stay where they were, in their original boxes, until I could come up with a plan for deployment.

Now, I knew this stance wouldn't make me popular.  Of the initial shipment of devices, 12 were slated to be used by a group of students for their elective, GarageBand, the others are destined to be given to selected staff members.  Since the decision was mine, I decided I should be the one to tell Sr. Sue that the start of her GarageBand elective would be delayed by a week until I could figure out a deployment plan.  So, I stopped by her office to let her know.

Sr. Sue carries her mood on her face.  When I told her of the delay, and my well-thought out reasons for it, she said it was OK, but her whole body drooped.  Now, those of us who are cradle Catholics know that rule number one in a Catholic school is to "keep the Sisters happy".  I didn't even know I recalled the rule until I saw Sr. Sue's shoulders fall, and the sadness that overtook her whole being.

I decided then and there I'd have those kids miss as few chances to learn GarageBand as possible.  So, as I spent the next week drafting an acceptable use policy for the staff (my official first priority), I was also frantically trying to figure out the best way to get the 12 devices ready for Sr. Sue.

Fortunately, God also wanted Sr. Sue to be happy, for at a meeting the following Tuesday, a new group of software vendors came in.  We knew we liked their device management software, but the cost was out of reach for the school.  The vendors went back to the software company, and got them to lower their price 80% for us, which meant we could afford it..  We got the good news Wednesday, and on Friday morning, their crack tech team came out to show me how to install and use the software.  After a few glitches, we managed to get the ball rolling.  They had to leave after a couple of hours, but I stuck with it for the rest of the day.  By the time I left, I had 7 of the devices loaded and configured; I was able to leave the rest in the capable hands of my assistant at the school (who knows a LOT more about how things work there than I do). 

On my way out, I saw Sr. Sue, and was able to tell her the GarageBand iPads would be ready for Monday's class.  She was beaming as she continued her way down the hall.  I left shortly thereafter in a good mood.  Who knew that keeping the Sisters happy could have a trickle-down effect?

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