Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ready or not...

Spring!  Kansas City, 2012
Here I come.

I start work tomorrow.  I'll do half-days for the first week and a bit, then see how I feel.  If I'm ready, I'll jump to full time, if not, I'll probably ease in for the next week by working six hours a day.  (It's still another two weeks before they will call me officially healed, assuming no setbacks - I can't even THINK about real exercise until then.  and I get grumpy when I don't exercise...)

My head and heart are ready to start.  When I left the interview in January, the school president had infected me with her enthusiasm; I was ready to join the team and start right away!  Then, I got distracted by this other mess.

Since I can't be on the road in the camper van anyhow, I might as well start working.  (I can't be on the road because I'll need to see a doctor about once every two weeks between now and the end of July to complete the reconstruction.)  It's a desk job; not physically demanding.  It'll keep me from getting bored, which is good, because when I get bored I tend to overextend myself and then I get REALLY tired.  And I don't think it'll take too long to get re-infected with enthusiasm for the job.  From all I've heard it's a good fit for the skills I have - and will quickly have me developing a whole new set.  (I'm not naive enough to think that many years of corporate work automatically transfers into knowing squat about how information technology works in a school setting.)

My gut, it's not so sure about this.  It LIKES not having to set an alarm every morning, and waking up only when I'm darned well good and ready to go.  And it's not convinced I'm not going back to my cube at AT&T.

But. I don't think it'll take too long to convince it I've entered a new world.  For example, I can't recall ever having a retreat day at the convent motherhouse for the staff and teachers in my old job.  And, there are a lot of volunteers that help keep the school running.  There ain't a single body there at AT&T that I can think of showing up a day or two a week to work without pay just because they believe in the cause.

Wish me luck...


  1. Yeah Janice!! Going back to work will be good. Thinking of you, you're doing really well. Best of luck tomorrow.

  2. Good luck! I hope it goes are you see it!

  3. A wonderful place to work is a birthday present unto itself. You don't need luck because you have skill. :)