Friday, February 3, 2012

Saguaro People

Saguaro People, Tucson, AZ
Saguaro National Park
Tucson, Arizona

I wanted to join the saguaro people on their slow and stately march up the hillsides.  The view was compelling; the image so real I could almost see them moving to their gathering in the valley just over the hill.

The majestic plants are slow-growing, taking up to 75 years before developing their arms.  I wasn't prepared for the beauty of their gatherings; the first glimpse I had of a hillside covered in them just about had my camper in the ditch.

I was glad to find they are protected under state and federal law.  I like to know human people aren't allowed to come out and destroy their fragile beauty as they please.  I'm sure some still do.  I'm equally sure such wanton destruction offends God and they will be punished both in this life and in the next.

I will head back to Kansas City on schedule, to face my scheduled car wreck.  I will ignore the urge to head south to the border and keep running.  I've had to work to remain in my hard-won state of denial because the tactile reminder won't let me forget I've carried my problems with me (as much as I manage to ignore it a good deal of the time).  Yes, tomorrow won't be so fun, but tomorrow is not yet here.  Today is beautiful and I feel good and the sun is shining.  Let tomorrow bring what it will, today, I am grateful to be alive!


  1. Very nice pic: great composition and color.

  2. travel safely home. this is gonna work out, I just feel it will.