Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Saguaro Nat'l Park, Tucson, AZ
I'm feeling like the next week or so will be full of prickliness.  Not pleasant to get yourself into, and it's not pleasant, but neither is it fatal.

I'm ready.
Not to say good-bye to the girls, I don't think there is a way for me to be ready for that, but for this to be over.  I'm tired of waiting, and want to know what's up with this tumor.  And, I want it gone.

I need to be at the hospital at ten tomorrow morning; surgery is scheduled at noon, and will last into the early evening.  The surgeons will work as a tag team.  First the breast surgeon will cut out all he can find of my demon, Asmodeus.  Then, the plastic surgeon will do the work necessary to start the implant process.  (May my champion, the Angel Raphael, patron saint of healers, be with them...) I like this part - it means getting it all over with at once - and I have had my fill of waiting these days.  In case anyone hasn't noticed.  (Kate will post something here about how things went when she can.)  I'll be going home late Thursday, after a 24 hour stay in the hospital.

It's going to be a LONG morning - nothing to eat or drink after midnight.  Including water.  ugh.  (What??? No latte???  What is the world coming to?)  Fortunately for my peace of mind, one of my friends just reminded me that by this time tomorrow night, I'll be cancer-free, and will have had something to eat and drink.  I've been so focused on the morning that I kind of forgot that there is an after to all of this. 

I managed to get my apartment in livable shape. (All that nervous energy had to go somewhere!)  It's good to know I'll have a place to come home to.

I never did get around to looking for a car.  Fortunately for my transportation requirements, I have friends willing to enable me for a bit.  I have a loaner car for a few weeks, until I'm able to get out and get shopping.

Thank you all for your prayers and notes of support.  They are making a difference.  This would be a lot harder without you...

Ready or not, here I go...  I'll try to remember to breathe at least a little bit between now and the time they put me under for the operation(s).


  1. Love you Janice. I'll keep your angel at hand too.

  2. You are loud in my prayers, my friend.