Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apartment? Check!

Missouri Winter, Jan 2012
I can't believe it's been less than a month since Christmas.  My whole world's turned topsy-turvy since then!

Cancer?  check.    ** sigh **
Apartment?  Check.
Job?  Check.  (I didn't want to say anything until I had the papers in hand)
Car?  Not yet.  I can only handle making so many decisions at once.

so many changes, all at once.  my head is spinning.

On the morning of the same day I had my mammogram, I had a job interview.  It went well, and I left there with a handshake agreement that the job was mine.  Then came the bombshell effect of the afternoon and the seemingly endless wait to hear the results of the biopsy.

On hearing it was, indeed, cancer, I called back the school where I'd interviewed.  I told her I had additional information.  I was still excited to work there, but I needed to let her know that I would be missing a lot of days of work this year due to sick time.  I wanted to give her a chance to change her mind about hiring me, and begin the interview process anew.

Instead of putting me aside, she thought for a minute and said, "Life happens to all of us.  I still want you to work here.  We will work with you through your illness; things like this are easier to get through if you have a team behind you."

It was the only time I cried on the day I got the news.

The contract arrived in the mail a couple of days ago - I'll be starting as Director of Information Technology at a local high school in mid-March (assuming all goes well with my recovery from surgery).  I'll have an eleven month work year - this will give me a month each year to complete my camper van trip.  It'll take longer this way, but I will be able to get 'er done!

Given that I'll be in town for a while I decided I needed to find an apartment.  I looked at a few online, drove around to get a feel for places, wasn't having much luck finding a place I could settle into.  Then, I called the real estate agent who brought the buyers for my house.  I knew her group worked a lot with leases in the condo market in the area.  Sure enough, the first place she showed me was great.  It needed a good cleaning job and a coat of paint, but the space was perfect for what I need for this next year.

After some negotiation, I signed the lease on Saturday.  I'll move in after my two week break from reality, and before my surgery on the 15th.  I spent Sunday and Monday painting and cleaning, with some help from one of Joe's friends.  It's a one bedroom condo with a fireplace and whirlpool tub.  It has a small balcony and lots of big windows.  I've always wanted to try condo living - this will be my chance to see if I like it!

I'm so glad I'll get to hit the road for a few weeks before my scheduled car wreck.  It'll give me a chance to properly say good-bye to my much-loved life of freedom on the road.  It was beautiful while it lasted - and I thank God I got to experience it at all, even if it did end too soon.

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  1. Amazing...
    Truly amazing...
    In the scheme of things... the car is a near no brainer...
    Congrats that you could pull all this off under normal conditions, let alone what you've had to contend with!