Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Gallatin, MO
Goodbye to the sun for the last time in 2011.

For the past several years, on New Year's Eve, I've settled down before the fire with a glass of good champagne, and spent time reflecting on the changes brought by the year past, and what I hope for the new year.

This year I scarce know where to start.  It's hard to think what has not changed in my life this past year, and right now, I'm busy living the dream that carried me through the past few years of struggling against burnout at work.  I can't imagine what more I could hope for, for myself.  For others, it is easier - recovery from addiction, courage to leave a draining job, health for a daughter's friend, struggling with anorexia...

I started last year purposely seeking and focusing on the positive aspects of my job to avoid dwelling on the negatives that threatened to swamp me.  I wanted to sell my house.  I had a dream of taking some time to see some of the beautiful places in our country I haven't yet seen.

I ended the year with the house sold, the job behind me and four months of rest and sightseeing under my belt.

I've had time to notice the sunsets (and sunrises - though I'm generally too bleary-eyed to capture those with the camera).  I've met up up with wonderful friends, new and old.  I've been welcomed as a stranger at someone's Thanksgiving table.  I've met my first grandchild, and watched my son graduate from college.

I've run into a few frustrations, and unfortunately, didn't manage to leave uncertainty and doubt behind with my job.  There are days I wonder what it is I thought I was doing when I threw all the cards in the air and left home.  But then, I smile.  What's done is done, and I wouldn't trade the experiences of the last few months for the world.

A few more days, and I get to hit the road again.  Time to see what else there is to see in this new year.  Time will tell where the road goes - and how the chapter ends.

Does she find a great new job?  Does she linger jobless at the end of the summer and run out of cash?  Stay tuned!

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