Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye to Mickey D's

Long ago and many years past, I picked up a bad dinner at Taco Bell.  It so upset my stomach that I haven't eaten there since.

I think I may have gotten a similar meal at McDonald's yesterday.

In the interests of healthy eating and lower salt, I haven't eaten there in years.  But on the way back from Joe's graduation, I decided to indulge.  With great anticipation, I ordered my cheeseburger and fries, brought them back to the car, and took them out of the bag.  I was SO disappointed.  I fear my more-or-less healthy eating patterns have destroyed my ability to appreciate fine grease.  I ate the food, but with none of the relish from years gone by.  ** sigh **

and then...  stomach cramps, nausea.  I've still been battling them all day today, subsisting on soda crackers, bananas and water.  The worst part is that my stomach is so upset that the thought of coffee - or caffeine in any form - is making it roil.  True sadness.

The good news is that it's already getting better as the day goes on.  We head to Minnesota tomorrow to celebrate Christmas - at least it's today that I'm sitting around groaning instead of trying to put up with it in the car tomorrow.  (Easy availability to clean restroom facilities is not to be overrated when dealing with such issues.)

We'll be leaving mid-day - which means we'll be able to stop at the Panera's in Ankeny, IA for dinner.  I'm glad they're there - it'll be a very long time before I look for the McDonald's arches again.

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