Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Dinner!  Gallatin, MO
And the birds need to eat a LOT to keep themselves warm.  I entertained myself for a good while this afternoon, just watching them take turns at the the feeder outside the window.

I love the cardinals.  He always comes first, to make sure it's safe.  She follows to eat her fill.  Often, while she's eating he'll be perched in a tree or bush nearby, watching for danger.  They take off at the first sign of a disturbance.

I love the sparrows.  They come in a flock, landing here, there and all about.  Some perch in the bush next to the table, some hop on the ground, some eat - they trade off, back and forth until everyone's gotten a bite, then take off in a flurry of wings.

For a while, one of the smallest birds in the bunch held the table.  It was funny to watch because he was so busy guarding the seeds from all comers he really didn't get a chance to eat much before his reign was abruptly ended by a blue jay.  Nobody messes with the jays.  Fortunately for all, they don't stay long, and the others seem to figure that he can have his moment.  They just patiently perch nearby until he leaves.

Now, what had I planned to get done this afternoon again????

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