Friday, November 4, 2011

Relax, Breathe

Hunting Island State Park
South Carolina

With staying on the road and all, I haven't given this underachieving goal of mine the attention it deserves.   It takes quite a bit of time each day to figure out where I'm going, and then drive to get there.

Before I left, I had some ideas of how a perfect day on sabbatical looked.  Yesterday came close.

The high was around 70; my campsite was right next to the beach.

I woke with the dawn; was able to watch the sky lighten from my bed.

Atlantic Ocean
Once I got up, I took myself down to the beach, and went for a nice long walk while the tide was still out.  (When it's in, there's only a narrow strip of sand along the edge of the beach to walk, and it's littered with fallen trees.  When it's out, you have a good 30 yards of packed sand to wander along.)  Came back, did some stretching to loosen up from the last several days of driving, and enjoyed me some lunch.

After lunch, I got out my thus-far neglected art supplies, and went back down to the beach to draw a picture of one of the fallen trees.

Finishing that, I found a handy tree to lean against, and spent some time just watching the tide roll in.  (humming, "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay", to set the mood properly.  The location's wrong, but the words are otherwise perfect.)

Getting hungry, I went back to the camper, talked to my son for a while (phone reception was good, but like most of the state campgrounds, Internet was unavailable), fixed me some dinner, then ate it while watching the sky darken as the sun went down.

I spent the balance of the evening enjoying a trash novel under the light of my new task light.    

Ahhhh.  Life is Good.

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