Monday, November 28, 2011

Escatapwa Hollow

Escatapwa River, Alabama
Escatapwa Hollow Campground
Wilmer, Alabama

Solitude, sweet solitude.

For the first time since leaving the Blue Ridge Parkway, I had a section of a campground to myself. Between the weather which turned rainy and cold just as I arrived, and the time of year, those who enjoy kayaking down the river had other plans for the night.

The rain started shortly after I arrived, but the 30 minutes I had before it began was sweet.  The river is shallow and flowed quietly past my vantage point.  I watched the leaves float by and listened to the silence around me.  I could hear the traffic on the road not too far away, but the noise was muted by the trees.  I felt something inside loosen, allowing me to breathe deeply; to notice my breath.

All this, plus a hot shower, for $15.  Gotta love the off season.

P.S.  Love the names of the rivers and some of the towns around here - I couldn't make them up if I tried.

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