Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Apropo of Nothings

Cruising, Ft Myers Beach, FL
Ft. Myers Beach

I love it when the birds obligingly pose for the camera!

If women have to wear tops on the beach, some men should have to, too.

Skin that's been around on this earth for over 60 years is not attractive if it's been subjected to tanning for too many of those years.  There's wrinkles, and then there's wrinkles.

Looking for Breakfast, Ft Myers Beach, FL
I got to skip the time change this time.  I'm going to bed and getting up at the same time I did last week, but now I'm getting up way early in the morning, and I get to feel virtuous about it.

I've decided I really don't like going to restaurants alone.  I feel like they're all looking at me like I'm either eccentric or weird.  Carry out or cook in - that's me this trip.

It's about time to get pizza - I managed to miss my monthly fix this last month.  That's one of the problems with being on the road - how do you know where the GOOD pizza places are?

On my way to my current campground, I stopped at one about a mile down the road.  The office was closed (at 3:30 on Saturday?), and the guard shack was empty, so I found a lady in the sales office nearby.  (They also sell park models at the place.)  I asked about staying, she told me to look for the guard.  Then she stopped, looked at me more closely and said, "This is an adult-only park, you know."  When I assured her I was on my own, she added, "For people over 55 only".  It's been a long time since I was too young to get into a place!  Laughing, I headed on down the road.

I can't picture myself living in a retirement community in Florida when I get older.  Especially in the middle of the state.  You get all the storms, but none of the water vistas.  Nope, don't see it.

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  1. Try for local recommendations. I found out about some good places in the Bay area that way. Good luck in the hunt for good pizza (and everything else)!