Saturday, October 29, 2011

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive, Virginia
It's a twisty and winding road; much of the time the speed limit is 35 MPH - but since I wasn't in any hurry and had time to stop and enjoy the views, I was in my element.

Rain threatened, but held off, and the views were spectacular.

Finally, I found that fall foliage I'd been either just ahead of or behind since I left Wisconsin.  Ahhh....

Loft Mountain Campground, Skyline Drive, VA
I stopped for the night at the Loft Mountain campground on the Drive.  The campground was almost empty.  The deer were a bit perturbed by my intrusion into their space, but not enough to run off; they finished dinner before moving on a few minutes after I pulled in.

Dawn, Loft Mountain, VA
I woke up in time to catch the dawn - it was spectacular.
Cold - but fortunately for me, I could prop my head up on an extra pillow and enjoy it from the comfort of my cozy warm bed!

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