Friday, October 21, 2011


Rehoboth Bay, Delaware Seashore State Park, DE

Some days, I think I could sit by the side of the water forever, and be perfectly content.

Sunny, cloudy; doesn't matter.  Sunset, however, does get bonus points.
Atlantic Ocean, Hattaras Island, NC

The past few days have found me wandering down the east coast shoreline.
Chesapeake Bay, Kiptopeke State Park, VA
From Delaware, I bipped through Maryland - never even saw the signs for the state lines - to Virginia, then down the coast to the outer banks in North Carolina.

I loved the boats in Virginia; ships made of concrete, built in WWII, sunk in the bay to create a breakwater.  Silent sentinels, they guard the beach, keeping the water calm and the sand in place.

As seems to be a trend on this jaunt of mine, yesterday's drive was as much about the journey as it was the destination.  There are places along the outer banks where the land is no wider than a football field; the bay and the ocean both easily visible from the car.  Back to trusting - it seems a bit audacious that we trust the land will stay put long enough for us to build roads upon it.  Such a narrow strip; surely the ocean could swallow it without notice.  But there the road was, and I was only to happy to be able to follow it along.

The above picture of the Atlantic is deceptively serene.  There was a 25 mph wind blowing as I sat on the beach; strong enough that I quickly had my hood up to prevent my upwind ear from completely filling with sand.  The sand had the power to sting and blew in waves of its own down the beachfront.  (Not surprisingly, I pretty much had the beach to myself.)  Yet, I sat there for some time; the power and rhythm of the waves compelling me to stay.

Stop.  Breathe.

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