Monday, October 10, 2011

Eat at Red's

Little did I know.  

As one is driving to the coast of central/southern Maine, you almost have to drive through the little town of Wiscasset.  Because my route hasn't been exactly linear, I ended up passing through the town twice.  Both times, I noticed, just before you cross the long bridge that spans the bay, a long line of people by an otherwise unremarkable roadside food stand.

As I was leaving Boothbay Harbor the other day, I was talking to the people camped next to me - they're the ones who told me the little shack serves the best lobster rolls (think fresh lobster with melted butter with toasted bread underneath - kind of a lobster sandwich) in Maine.  Who'd'a thunk it?  And, they told me that one can't REALLY consider oneself to have visited Maine unless one has stopped there to eat.

Who am I to argue with the experts?  As I was leaving Maine, I had to pass through the town again (third time's a charm?), and this time, I stopped.  The experts were right.  The lobster was to die for.  and now I get to say I visited Maine. 

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