Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The Cape had quite a reputation to live up to, and it succeeded admirably.

I loved the two nights I spent there.
That's an unbiased opinion, of course.
I'm sure I wasn't influenced by the weather, which was 70's and sunny.  Or by the campground, which had the cleanest showers I've seen yet on this trip, and backed up to a bike path.  Or by the bike path itself (the Cape Cod Rail Trail); about 20 miles long, almost level, nicely shaded, beaches to see along the way.

If old man winter wasn't chasing me south, I'd have stayed much longer.  But if winter weren't around the corner, the campground and bike trails would have been more crowded, the one road into the peninsula would have been backed up with traffic, and I probably wouldn't have found a place to stay without a reservation.  There ARE advantages to traveling in the fall...

While on this trip, I've found it easier to leave beautiful places than I have in the past.  I think that's because always before, I was headed back to work.  But now, when I leave I'm headed to another beautiful place.  Not every night, to be sure, but often enough that I'm as eager to see what's on the road ahead as I am sad to say good-bye to the place I just visited.  I love that part of my sabbatical!

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  1. You just gave a great definition of the word sabbatical!