Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning...

Lake Superior
Marquette, MI

I wondered when it would kick in that my vacation will last more than two weeks this time.

It was this morning.

The campground I'm staying at is right across the road from a long, narrow sandy beach.

So, I got up and went for a nice long walk.  About midway through the walk, I realized it was Monday.  And instead of worrying about data feeds, I was busy wondering how far I could walk barefoot on the beach before regretting it in the morning.  (the sand doesn't offer very good arch support - and is a killer workout for the calves.)  It was quiet there; the surf breaking loudly enough that I could rarely hear the cars on the road just over the hill - the illusion of privacy pretty complete. 

I walked for a bit, sat for a bit, admired the many shades of blue, walked a bit more.  It was lovely.

Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin
Tomorrow, we're in for a weather change.  Enough of this late summer; time for some highs around 60?!  I think I'm ready for it -  especially since it'll usher in the color about which I've heard so much.

Yesterday's drive was beautiful - long stretches of green, then teasers like the one to the left; the red of autumn popping out as if to say, 'Come and get me!'.  I don't really need to come get it, it'll find me, soon enough.

It'll be interesting for me to see how I react to being out in the cool weather all day.  After 20-plus years in Kansas City, I'm afraid my Minnesota blood has thinned out.  But fabrics are better now, and I've invested in some good clothes.  So, I'm hoping I'll be OK.

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