Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Me, the Trees and the Mosquitoes.

Hayward, WI

Headache notwithstanding (they were supposed to GO AWAY after I quit my job.  Obviously, the message hasn't quite sunk home just yet.), I was determined to go for a bike ride today.  After all, that's why I am camping in this area. 

The Hayward area is a biker's haven.  There is a network of mountain biking trails, and for hybrid-drivers like me, they have a local map marked with the lesser-traveled roads.

After some muttered bad words and a quick trip into town to let the bike shop figure out how to get my new portable bike pump to actually pump MY tires (the guy at the original bike shop had assured me I was good to go, then threw away the instructions that came with the thing.  Only problem was, he left it set up for a standard tire valve, and my bike has the new needle-type valves.  details...) , I was able to get out and about. 

My 10 mile ride was beautiful.  Just me, the trees and the mosquitoes.  The mosquitoes are a local way of motivating bikers to keep moving.  It's a simple system.  You stop, you get bit because you sweated away your bug spray.  You keep moving, they can't get you.  Quite effective.  (The Minnesota mosquitoes may have a slight edge in numbers, but these Wisconsin ladies have just as much bite.  I'm thinking my new toilette fragrance is going to be redolent of DEET...)

The original Famous Dave's is also here in town.  Since I had no inclination to cook after my ride, I couldn't resist stopping there - they're supposed to have the best BBQ ever.  The food was good, but it wasn't quite up to what my stomach was anticipating.  I think I've been spoiled - the Kansas City BBQ is leaner and the baked beans are better.  I will give Dave's points for some way-yummy green beans.  KC joints also don't have the patio overlooking the quiet little lake, water shimmering in the light of the setting sun.  The combo of the view and the plenty-good-enough-food is hard to beat; I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

P.S. score one for the PC - the heat and light attracted a mosquito to the screen, and I was able to smash it.  That's one less bite to scratch come morning!


  1. Glad to hear you are into your journey! That little baby is absolutely darling....can only imagine how tough that was to take off! Have a safe time and use that DEET for deep woods...really good stuff, we used it around our ankles daily while in yellowstone and it worked perfectly! Really enjoying your posts! Have fun!!!!

  2. Glad to see you having fun! What a cute little baby doll you left that was tough! Load up on deep wood deet! Love the journal....Be safe....Terri