Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gotta Love the Relatives!

As I was driving from Waterloo to Decorah, the camper van just didn't seem to have the oomph it had been advertised to have.  It was having a hard time chugging up the Iowa hills; what was going to happen when I got to Colorado???

I knew my cousin in Decorah was a mechanic, but wasn't sure if I should try to take advantage of his expertise.  My uncle had no such compunctions, so off to the shop we went.

We pulled up, and Dan listened to the engine for a bit.  "Leaking exhaust manifold", he proclaimed.  Oh, well, I thought - can't fix that easily.  So, we stood and talked for a bit; left the truck running.  Suddenly, Dan went and poked at the side of the engine.  "Hmmm..."  Went into the shop, came back with a 2' screwdriver.  He went around, shut off the engine, and poked at it for just a bit.  "Loose spark plug wire", he announced.  He plugged it back in - and problem solved!  Chugging gone, pep returned.

Gotta love relatives!

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