Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Is!

St. Germain, WI

God Is.

I have wandered far from the Catholic faith as taught to me as a child, but my trust that there is an 'Is' out there, something greater than I, rarely wavers.

I have seen chaos.  The chaos I have seen doesn't produce sustainable beauty.  Sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful - thus, to me, a sign that God Is.

My campsite last night was just 20 yards from the edge of the water.  After I pulled in and set up, I took some time to just sit and look at the water.  As I sat, I felt something tight in me ease just a bit.  Time to relax, time to breathe.

It's been a beautiful week - according to the forecasts I have another day or two before the weather turns colder.  It's been lovely to be able to be out each day to enjoy it - gone for a time the days when I stared wistfully out the window, wishing I could go out and play.

On an entirely different note:  I'm wondering if there's an anti-helmet law for motorcyclists here in northern Wisconsin.  As I drove along yesterday's beautiful scenic route, I came across a fair number of cyclists also enjoying the weather.  Not a single one of them (on bicycles or motorcycles) had on a helmet.  I'm not sure of the appeal of bugs in one's hair, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves!

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