Saturday, September 24, 2011

Define Internet Access

I'm quickly discovering that wi-fi access is just a buzzword at some campgrounds, used to lure in the unwary. Of course, we have WI-fi. but we won't give you the correct code until you've asked twice, and it doesn't actually work from YOUR campsite. You don't mind coming out in the rain to check your e-mail, do you? Oh, you wanted web pages to actually load? Sorry, service isn't so good in this area.... I've quickly blown through the initial 250mb iPad data plan. Even in the extended data service areas, it tends to be faster than the WI-fi. But it does make it harder to do blog posts (a standard keyboard, this is NOT), and pictures are out of the question... That said, I was happy to find the PA part of Lake Erie was much cleaner and prettier than the western part of the lake. I spent a quiet hour watching the sunset near Erie, PA night before last - beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Internet access can be spotty. Especially in places where it isn't valued or seen as "all that important."

    Glad you had some good views though.