Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready, Set...

I started packing my camper van this weekend. 

First things first - I made sure to find spots for the essentials; the latte machine and coffee grinder.  Just because I've abandoned hearth and home doesn't mean I need to risk not being able to find good coffee to start my day!

Got the bed made up - decided immediately that making the bed is NOT going to be one of my favorite things on this trip.  It's a lot like making a loft bed - reeaach for that corner - except I do have the advantage of being able to go outside and open the rear door to make it a little easier (that'll work until it's raining out when I need to make the bed...)

It's hard to believe the time to leave is almost here.  I don't think the fact I've really gone and done it will sink in until I've been gone at least two weeks - a week longer than any vacation I've taken in recent memory.

I'm going to start by heading north.  I heard in church recently that to go forward, we need to look back; so I'm going to start by visiting relatives in Iowa.  I've been making the drive to Minnesota for many years, and usually try my best to make it through Iowa in 4-5 hours.  This time, I'm switching gears - if schedules are free, it'll take me 4-5 DAYS to make the trip.    It'll be an abrupt change of pace, to be sure!

two weeks...

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