Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quiet Time

Geneseo Cemetery
Buckingham, IA

Today I took a few minutes to look back with people I didn't know, at this quiet spot just south of Waterloo, Iowa.

Stop.  Breathe.

As in any cemetery, the headstones have tales written in the dash between the dates.  Some died way too soon; left behind half-spun stories and broken hearts.  And others lived long and full lives; leaving only when all the pages were filled.

As I stopped to slow down a bit, I reflected on the pages of my life - over half written now, unless by some chance I live beyond 100 years.  There are parts of the story I like to linger over; my favorite times.  Other parts, I prefer to skim past; still painful to dwell upon. 

I didn't come to any grand conclusions, or any conclusions at all, really.  I just sat for a bit.  Said a prayer for those who rest in these peaceful grounds.  I carried just a bit of that peace with me when I left.


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  1. Very cool meditation. And many thanks for the picture! :-)